Job/Internship Opportunities

The GVSU Career Center posts career and internship opportunities for all majors in its online system LakerJobs.  Below are some job postings that may be of particular interest to our Chemistry majors and minors.

*You will need a LakerJobs account to view the details of a job-posting.  Contact the GVSU Career Center for information on creating a LakerJobs account.

Additional job postings that may be of particular interest to our Chemistry majors and minors are posted below.

Job Feed

6/29/22 SPECIALIST, ENVIRONMENTAL at Denver Public Schools for job 6635228
Denver Public Schools - Denver Public Schools
Expires: 7/29/22

6/29/22 Marine Biologist - Alaska for job 6635046
A.I.S., Inc.
Expires: 7/29/22

6/29/22 Fall 2022 International Relations Internships for job 6635036
The Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Expires: 7/7/22

6/29/22 Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist II - Montana for job 6634083
Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever
Expires: 7/30/22

6/29/22 Biochemist/Physiologist for job 6633939
Army Medical Department (3rd MRB)
Expires: 8/28/22

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Other job/internship opportunities

Grand Rapids Area

Greater Michigan

Beyond Michigan

Amway  J  I

Dow Chemical-Midland  J  I

ConAgra Foods  J

Perrigo  J  I

Neogen-Lansing  I

Cargill  J  I

Gentex  J  I

Lorin Industries  J

3M  J  I

Seal Bond  J

RSA-Lansing  J  I

American Chemical Society  I

Steelcase  J  I

Gerber Nestle-Fremont  J  I

Oak Ridge Institute  I

Herman Miller  I

Kellogg's-Battle Creek  J  I


HB Fuller  J

MPI Research  J

Chemistry Internship site  I

ALS Environmental  J

Paramelt-Muskegon  I

Midwest Poultry Consortium  I

Johnson Controls  J  I

Proteos-Kalamazoo  J

Composites Institute  I

Master Finish  J

Albermarle-South Haven  J

ACS Internship Listings  I

Ranir  J


Department of Homeland Security  I

Van Andel Research Institute  J  I


Additional internship opportunities can be found on the Research Opportunities Off-campus page 

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