Facilities and Instrumentation

Grand Valley State University maintains a suite of research instrumentation that are used for both hands-on teaching and cutting edge research. 

NMR Facilities

NMR facilities

Molecular Spectrosocopy

Molecular Spectroscopy

Atomic Spectroscopy

Atomic Absorption

Separation Technologies

Separation Technologies

Synthetic Facilities

glove box

Computational Facilities

Computational Chemistry

Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis

Optics Lab

Laser Lab 1

Biochemical Facilities

Biochemical Facilities

Electrochemical Analysis

Coming soon!

Supporting Facilities

       Beckman Pace 5510 Capillary Electrophoresis

       Hewlett Packard 7680T Supercritical Fluid Extractor

       Spectra-Physics DCR-11 Nd:YAG laser

       Power Technology LCM-T-111-20 20 mW CW YAG laser

       Laser Science VSL-337ND pulsed nitrogen laser

       Pinechem Bipotentiostat Model AFCBP1

       IBM Voltammetric Analyzer Model EC 225

       IBM Electrochemical Sequencer Model EC 229

       EG&G Princeton Applied Research 264A Polarographic Analyzer 

       Cold Room

       Solvent purification system

       Perkin Elmer Model 241 Polarimeter

       Atago AP-100 Automatic Polarimeter

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