Dave Leonard

Dave Leonard

Professor of Chemistry

Allendale 346 Padnos Hall, 616-331-3241      

Grand Rapids 500 Cook-Devos Center for the Health Sciences, 616-331-5899

Email: leonardd@gvsu.edu       Calendar

Education/Professional Training
BS Biology, Bucknell University, 1989
PhD Biochemistry, Cornell University, 1996
Post-doctoral training, HHMI, Univeristy of Michigan, 1996-1998
Visiting Sci., Louis Stokes Veterans Med. Center, Cleveland, OH 2005-2007

Research Interests
The main projects in our lab center on structure/function studies of beta-lactamases, the class of enzymes that are responsible for bacterial resistance to penicillin, cephalosporin and carbapenem-type beta-lactam antibiotics. If you would like to be considered for a research position in the lab, or if you would like to know more about it, please contact me by email or phone.

Lab Members


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