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Vending Information

Beverage Vending
Pepsi is the contracted beverage vendor at GVSU.  Pepsi machines are located in most buildings and contain a variety of products including soda, water, juices, chilled coffee beverages, energy drinks and rehydration beverages.  If you encounter a problem with a Pepsi machine on campus, please make note of the Asset Number located on the sticker in the upper right-hand corner of the machine and reference that number when you call for service.  During regular business hours, please call the Auxiliary Services Office at (616) 331-2831.  Contact Pepsi at 1-800-883-3508 evenings, holidays and weekends.

Snack Vending
Snack vending on the GVSU Campuses is provided by Aramark, our Dining Services Contractor.  Aramark provides snack, hot beverage and cold food vending on the Allendale, Pew, Holland*, and Muskegon Campus locations (please note that hot beverage and cold food vending is not available at all campus locations.)  Machine issues should be directed to the Campus Dining Office at (616) 331-3016.

Vending Machine Refunds
Vending machine refunds can be obtained at the locations below.  Please note that you will be asked to provide your name and the machine location (please provide Asset Number for Pepsi Machine if you have it.)

Allendale Campus:
Kirkhof Center-2020 Information Desk - Snack & Pepsi
Student Services Building-Cashier's Office 150 STU - Snack & Pepsi
Campus Dining Office 100 COM - Snack Only

Pew Campus:
Plaza Café - Snack Only
Gazebo in the DeVos Center - Snack Only
DeVos Center-Bookstore 142C DEV - Pepsi Only
Center for Health Sciences-Information Desk - Snack & Pepsi

ATM Locations

Allendale Campus (map)

Lake Michigan Credit Union ATM's are located in the following building(s):

  • The Commons (lower level)
  • Kleiner Commons
  • Laker Marketplace
  • Kirkhof
  • Drive up kiosk at 42nd Street and Pierce (Water Tower Place)

Fifth Third Bank ATM is located in: 

  • Kirkhof Center

PNC ATM's are located in the following building(s):

  • Kirkhof Center
  • The Connection
  • Kleiner Hall
  • The Commons
  • Kindschi Hall of Science (Vending Area)
  • Mackinac Hall (near C-Store)

Pew Campus (map)

Fifth Third Bank ATM is located in:

  • DeVos Center (Outside the "U" Club room)

Lake Michigan Credit Union ATM is located in:

  • DeVos Center (Outside the bookstore)

PNC ATM is located in:

  • The Eberhard Center (Inside main entrance)
  • L. William Seidman Center (Main floor vending area)

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