General Fund Revenue and Expenditure Projections

for current fiscal year and next fiscal year

Sec 245(2)e

Sec. 245. (1) A public university shall maintain a public transparency website available through a link on its website homepage. The public university shall update this website within 30 days after the university's governing board adopts its annual operating budget for the next academic year, or after the governing board adopts a subsequent revision to that budget.  
(2) The website required under subsection (1) shall include all of the following concerning the public university:
(e) General fund revenue and expenditure projections for the current fiscal year and the next fiscal year.

NOTE: Projected revenue and expenditures noted below are based on planning factors, factors for enrollment, and state appropriation as of June 2022.
There is still a large degree of uncertainty related to these factors at this time.




Projected Revenue



Projected Expenditures



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