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DISCLAIMER: The Laker Meal Share Program has been temporarily suspended until further notice. Effective April 2024, the program ends on the last day of the Winter semester and is no longer accessible during the spring/summer months.  If you are in need of food and/or other necessities, please refer to the Replenish Basic Needs Center for assistance. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. For further assistance, please contact us at or call (616)331-2748.

What does it mean to request a meal?

If you are in immediate need of a meal and don’t have an active meal plan, you are welcome to submit a request. Upon completion of your request, someone from the Laker Meal Share program will review your request and may authorize a certain number of meals to your Student ID Card for use at Fresh Food Company or Pew Plaza Cafe. Approval and assignment is based upon need and availability of donated meals. Please note: Only currently-enrolled students without a meal plan are eligible for the Laker Meal Share program.

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Laker Meal Share Form 2023-2024 School Year

This form is currently unavailable.



Please also be aware of several other food resources both on and off campus.


Please refer to our Food Directory here.


Michigan Food Assistance (SNAP/Bridges) is a federally funded program that provides nutrition benefits to supplement the food budget of those in need. Students who meet eligibility rules might be eligible for SNAP to help buy groceries.


Love, Inc offers order a food pantry box! It provides food and basic personal care items to families and individuals in need in Northeast Ottawa County. Orders must be placed by Tuesdays at 4pm for pickup on Thursdays 1-5pm at our Allendale New to You store.


Downtown Pantry - Community Food Pantry near our downtown campus.




If you have questions about the Laker Meal Share program, please contact us at  us at [email protected]!

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