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Replenish is self-sustained by the GVSU campus community through donations. Perishable and non-perishable food, personal care, household, clothing, school supplies and infant items may be dropped off at Replenish or the Gayle R. Davis Center for Women and Gender Equity during business hours.

Checks can be made payable to CWGE with "Replenish" in the memo line. Donations are tax-deductible and a receipt will be issued by University Development.

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Student Testimony

GVSU Student sharing experience and how the food resource and staff have been there to support her


Donation Drop-Off Instructions

Thank you so much for donating to the Replenish Basic Needs Center! We want to make the process as easy on you or your group as possible, however, we do not have the infrastructure in place to commit to picking up items from all donation drives. If you think dropping off your donation may be a problem, let us know and we may be able to provide the necessary accommodation.  

We only accept donation drops at our Allendale site: 

 1 Campus Drive, Allendale, MI 49401 

  1. Kirkhof Center Room 074: Fall hours: Monday-Friday, 12 PM - 5 PM
  2. The Gayle R. Davis Center for Women & Gender Equity, Kirkhof Center Room 1201: Open Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM

You may only drop off your items when there are staff members at Replenish to receive them. Please let us know when you plan to drop off your donation by emailing [email protected] or call (616)331-2748. Thank you! 

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Replenish Basic Needs Center relies on our community to keep us going. You can help us continue supporting the GVSU students by giving your time through volunteering, making a monetary donation, or donating  perishable and non perishable food and items.

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We rely solely on donations and the time and talents of volunteers and community to run Replenish Basic Needs Center. Hosting a donation drive is a simple and easy way to make a meaningful impact on the GVSU community. We can work with your team to help select dates and a drop-off time that works for you. We ask that your group reach out to all members using the provided marketing materials to help maximize the impact of your donation drive. 

  • Pick a time and type of donation drive
  • Spread the word!
  • Collect items (collect perishable and non perishable food and items, money, and gift cards)
  • Schedule a time to drop off your donation

We want you to know you have full support of Replenish staff with your donation drive. Please contact us with questions! Our email is [email protected]. Please check out our Media & Resources tab for pre-made fliers, and informational handouts.

High Demand Items Needed

Illustration of vegetables


  • Meat (chicken, fish  beef, ground turkey, and pork)
  • Milk (diary, almond, and coconut)
  • Cheese (string, sliced, shredded)
  • Fresh or Frozen Fruits
  • Fresh or Frozen Vegetables
  • Yogurt (regular diary and greek)
  • Eggs
  • Deli sandwich meat 
Illustration of cereal, oil, and a can of beans


  • Rice 
  • Dried beans 
  • Nut butters 
  • Jelly 
  • Pancake mix 
  • Cereal 
  • Pasta 
  • Canned meat 
  • Granola Bars 
  • Poptarts
  • Spices (salt, black pepper, onion/garlic powder)
  • Laundry detergent 
  • Bath soap (bar wash and body wash)
  • Toilet paper 
  • Dish soap 
  • Deodorant 
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush 
  • Menstrual Hygiene products
  • Lotion
  • Baby items (diapers, wipes, wash, etc.)
  • School supplies 
  • Pet food 

Please do not donate:

  • Foods that you would not eat yourself
  • Home-canned or homemade goods
  • Opened, damaged or expired items
  • Produce (i.e. fruits, vegetables, herbs): Must be fresh (not wilting, moldy, etc)
  • Cans must be undented, unrusted, and have attached labels. 

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