EAP Staff Definition

The terms Executive, Administrative and Professional refer to staff members appointed to non-instructional exempt positions (as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act) predominately responsible for the management, operation, and implementation of policies and procedures which support the University's mission. Some Executive, Administrative and Professional staff may have regular teaching assignments as a portion of their regular assignment.

Executive, Administrative and Professional staff are essential for Grand Valley to achieve the highest degree of excellence in student-centered education. Staff provide important academic, student and administrative services for the campus community which enable students to concentrate on learning and enable faculty to offer quality instruction, research and public service. The provision of effective support services and programs is vital to a cohesive learning experience at Grand Valley. (Excerpted from the Institutional Plan, adopted by the Board of Trustees, August 22, 1986.)

For purposes of this handbook AP staff serve Grand Valley State University in administrative and professional roles and exclude executives (President, Vice Presidents, Assistant and Associate Vice Presidents and Deans).