Health Degree Completion Program in Traverse City

The Allied Health Sciences Degree

Allied Health Sciences - Health Professional Degree Completion (AHS - HPD) is designed for those who have already earned an Associate's or Associate's of Applied Science. The Health Professional Degree Completion emphasis complements your associates degree professional education and your work experience with a path to earn a Bachelor’s degree.

The B.S. in Allied Health Sciences (AHS) degree serves two main purposes:

  • Prepares students for a career in the health care field such as administrative roles, pharmaceutical sales, or governmental health service

  • Prepares students for entry into graduate health-related programs offered by Grand Valley State University.

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Program Eligibility

Students may qualify if they have earned an Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science from a school accredited by the Higher Learning Commission in a health profession program that requires external accreditation and offers national voluntary credentialing. The profession should provide state licensing or credentials which the student either possesses or is eligible to obtain. 

Health careers eligible for this degree include but are not limited to Medical Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Radiography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Occupational Therapy Aide, Nuclear Med Technician, Paramedic, Surgical Technician, etc.

A Well-Rounded Curriculum

Those pursuing an AHS major should work with an advisor and follow curriculum guidelines to meet their individual interests. In addition, every student must complete courses in:

  • Biology
  • Statistics
  • Medical terminology
  • Intro to health professions
  • Health care management
  • Intro to health care research
  • Ethics and legal responsibilities

With this degree, you can transfer in credits earned through either your associates or Associates in Science.  Transferability of credit is done on an individual basis through transcript evaluation.

The Pathway to Your Health Career

A degree in Allied Health Sciences with a Health Professional Degree Completion emphasis doesn't prepare you for one specific career. The skills you learn can be beneficial in multiple health professions.  Graduates who possess both an associates degree professional education and a bachelor degree will face higher job prospects than those with an associate degree only.

Allied Health Sciences student in Traverse City.

Your Next Steps

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  • Your first step will be to meet with an academic advisor. We understand that you may be exploring your options and our advisors are dedicated to helping you reach your educational goals, whether it's through this program or something else. In a phone or in person meeting with an advisor they will:
  • Explain the classes required for the AHS degree and talk about the requirements of the degree
  • Review transcripts (please bring an unofficial copy to your first appointment) and give you Personalized Education Plan letting you know what you would have left to complete
  • Discuss services and supports available as you complete your degree
  • Assist with the admissions and financial aid process

You'll continue to work with your advisors throughout the program to schedule courses, explore career options, and plan for graduation. Schedule a meeting with one of our fantastic advisors.

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