Are you a current or prospective adult student?  Typical things discussed in advising appointments with the Adult Student Services Coordinator are:

  • Transferring to GVSU
  • How credits previously earned will apply to different degrees and what you might have left to complete here
  • Financial concerns
  • Returning to GVSU after a break in your education
  • Your current major that you are unsure about and want to talk through other options
  • Referrals I can help make to any campus services, or helping you find services that fit with your busy life
  • Any policies we have that you might be struggling with, and more. 

Select the category that applies to you and follow the prompts to schedule an appointment with an advisor

Choose this option if you are not a current GVSU student or have been away from the university for several years and are considering returning

Choose this option if you are currently enrolled and attending classes at GVSU. A valid G number and GVSU email address will be required to book this type of appointment