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Dr. Jack Mangala

[email protected] / 616-331-8512

Dr. Jack Mangala is the Department Head for Area & Global Studies, along with serving as Program Head for Global Studies & Social Impact and Interim Program Head for African & African American Studies. Dr. Mangala has been with Grand Valley State University since 2003, and has a joint appointment in the Political Science department.


The Area & Global Studies Department utilizes faculty from across many university departments. Faculty are affiliated with one or more subject area units based on their expertise:

  • African & African American Studies
  • East Asian Studies
  • Global Studies & Social Impact
  • Latin American & Latino/a Studies
  • Middle East Studies

Appointed & Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Kin Ma

Program Head for East Asian Studies

makin [at] gvsu [dot] edu / 616-331-3351

Dr. Majd al-Mallah

Program Head for Middle East Studies

[email protected] / 616-331-3634

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Name Program Affiliation Office & Phone Email Action
Gang Xu
  • East Asian Studies
B-4-206 Mackinac Hall / 616-331-3068 xug@gvsu.edu View
Geling Shang
  • East Asian Studies
1116 Calder Arts Center / 616-331-3483 stromk@gvsu.edu View
Jason Herlands
  • East Asian Studies
D-2-104 Mackinac Hall / 616-331-2940 herlandj@gvsu.edu View
Jeremy Robinson
  • East Asian Studies
D-2-136 Mackinac Hall / 616-331-8907 robinjer@gvsu.edu View
Kimberly McKee
  • East Asian Studies
324A Lake Ontario Hall / 616-331-8196 mckeeki@gvsu.edu View
Kin Ma
  • East Asian Studies
B-4-204 Mackinac Hall / 616-331-3351 makin [at] gvsu [dot] edu View
Lourdes (Huei Lan) Yen
  • East Asian Studies
D-2-106 Mackinac Hall / 616-331-8937 yenh@gvsu.edu View
Meghan Cai
  • East Asian Studies
B-2-214 Mackinac Hall / 616-331-2870 caim@gvsu.edu View
Patrick Shan
  • East Asian Studies
D-1-130 Mackinac Hall / 616-331-8504 shanp@gvsu.edu View
Peimin Ni
  • East Asian Studies
B-3-210 Mackinac Hall / 616-331-3529 nip@gvsu.edu View
Peter Zhang
  • East Asian Studies
273 Lake Superior Hall / 616-331-8168 zhangp@gvsu.edu View
Shinian Wu
  • East Asian Studies
213 Lake Huron Hall / 616-331-3690 wus@gvsu.edu View
Sufen Lai
  • East Asian Studies
(Retired) View
Wanxiao Sun
  • East Asian Studies
B-4-207 Mackinac Hall / 616-331-8521 sunwa@gvsu.edu View
Wei Gu
  • East Asian Studies
330-C Richard M. DeVos Center / 616-331-6493 guw@gvsu.edu View
Yan Liang
  • East Asian Studies
D-2-144 Mackinac Hall / 616-331-2405 liangya@gvsu.edu View
Yan Yu
  • East Asian Studies
2153 Au Sable Hall / 616-331-3124 yuy@gvsu.edu View
Yi Zhao
  • East Asian Studies
1108 Au Sable Hall / 616-331-8523 zhaoy@gvsu.edu View
Yosay Wangdi
  • East Asian Studies
D-1-212 Mackinac Hall / 616-331-3614 wangdiy@gvsu.edu View
Craig Benjamin
  • Global Studies & Social Impact
  • East Asian Studies
(Retired) (Retired) View

Department Staff

Mary Williford's photo


Mary Williford

Academic Department Coordinator

117 Lake Ontario Hall


[email protected]

DJ Wiggins' photo


DJ Wiggins

Student Office Assistant

Major: Health Information Management

Marissa Feil's photo


Marissa Feil

Student Office Assistant

Major: Sociology

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