Roles and Responsibilities

The Student

  • Give thoughtful consideration to your academic and career goals.
  • Prepare a written list of questions before each meeting with your advisor.
  • Initiate contact with a faculty advisor and/or an Advising Center.
  • Actively participate in the advising session.
  • Ask questions! If you do not understand a policy or procedure, ask questions until you do understand.
  • Know the Academic Calendar. Do not miss deadlines. Know when to register and drop or add courses.
  • Schedule courses that are consistent with your educational goals and that will meet degree requirements.
  • Accept responsibility for making final decisions on academic choices. Academic advisors will present you with options.

The Advisor

  • Development of suitable educational plans
  • Clarification of career and life goals
  • Selection of appropriate courses and other educational experiences
  • Interpretation of institutional requirements
  • Enhancement of student awareness about educational resources available (e.g., internshipstudy abroadHonors and learning assistance programs)
  • Evaluation of student progress toward established goals
  • Development of decision-making skills
  • Reinforcement of self-direction
  • Referral to and use of institutional and community support services
  • On-going evaluation of advising services

The University

  • To be responsible for communicating consistent information to all students about the advising process.
  • To provide a community of academic advisors for all students.
  • To assist students in the development of suitable educational plans and goals.
  • To monitor and provide accessible guidance on each student's academic progress.
  • To provide referrals to university services when appropriate.
  • To be accountable for providing required, continuous, and accurate training for all academic advisors.
  • To provide sufficient and on-going resources and support for advising services across the university.
  • To recognize the importance of excellent and accurate faculty academic advising through the tenure and evaluation process.
  • To conduct continuous assessment and improvement in academic advising.