Major and Career Exploration

What majors, minors, or other programs are available to me?

There are many academic majors, minors, and special programs that you may choose while a student at Grand Valley. If you would like to know more about a program's requirements, you can read the program brochure or the GVSU catalog to review the majors, minors, and programs that are offered at Grand Valley.  If you find that this information does not answer your specific question, you may wish to visit the academic program website or contact the academic department directly for more information.  To explore these options we suggest that you meet with an advisor to discuss your goals and further assist you with decision making.

What resources are available to help me explore possible majors and careers?

  • You should meet with your advisor in the CLAS Academic Advising Center to discuss your interests and goals. Your advisor will guide you through the process of choosing a major.  See additional information at the Exploratory and Undecided website.
  • You should also consider adding US 102, a one-credit career exploration course, to your next semester's schedule.
  • The Career Center can help you determine your strengths, interests, and values as they relate to career choices. They offer a multitude of resources for career exploration, which you can access on their Explore Careers and Majors page.
  • Every year at the Majors Fair you can meet with Faculty to discuss different majors. You will learn about the majors and courses related to those majors.

Page last modified November 13, 2019