Bryce Bailey

Undergraduate Student - Accounting
"The classroom size and the setup are very intimate. You can actually know your professors and talk to them." - Bryce Bailey, accounting major Read More

Lizzette Chavez

Undergraduate Student - Nursing
"I really love that the CHS building is right on medical mile." - Lizzette Chavez, nursing major Read More

Terrell Couch

Undergraduate Student - Philosophy
"The faculty at Grand Valley is second to none. All of my professors are super friendly. I feel comfortable just walking up to them and talking to them after class." - Terrell Couch, philosophy and political science double major Read More

Douwe Driehuis

Undergraduate Student - Hospitality and Tourism Management
"Grand Valley is such a friendly community." - Douwe Driehuis, hospitality and tourism management major Read More

Brandon Fitzgerald

Undergraduate Student - Nursing
"I love the people and the atmosphere here. I love everything about Grand Valley." - Brandon Fitzgerald, nursing major Read More

Angel Gamon

Undergraduate Student - Political Science
"The thing I like best about Grand Valley is the faculty. They're really supportive and they care about you as a person." - Angel Gamon, political science and communication studies double major Read More

Hector Garcia

Undergraduate Student - Engineering
"You're able to think critically about not just your career, but about life in general. That's one of the biggest benefits that you obtain while going to Grand Valley." - Hector Garcia, engineering major Read More

Aurora Grajeda

Undergraduate Student
"Grand Valley's faculty is very friendly. They'll help you in any situation, either educational or professional." - Aurora Grajeda, art and design major Read More

Taylor Ann Groenhout

Undergraduate Student - Management
"My favorite thing about Grand Valley is how real world it is. My professors all have real-world experience. They work in the industry." - Taylor Ann Groenhout, general management and supply chain management double major Read More

DeJanae Hayes

Undergraduate Student - Accounting
"I love our faculty and staff. They are so nice. They care about our grades and us succeeding here at Grand Valley." - DeJanae Hayes, accounting and finance major Read More

Amber Hutson

Undergraduate Student - Advertising and Public Relations
"Becoming a part of the campus community was very important to me, and my tour guide told me about all of the different ways to get involved. I would definitely call Grand Valley home now." - Amber Hutson, advertising and public relations major Read More

Molly Matson

Undergraduate Student - Nursing
"Everybody is so friendly here. I just love the atmosphere." - Molly Matson, nursing major Read More

Kyle Partlo

Undergraduate Student - Engineering
"The faculty is ready to help you. They respond to emails promptly. They're more than willing to help. They're there for the students." - Kyle Partlo, computer engineering major Read More

Miguel Perez Vives

Undergraduate Student - International Business
"I chose Grand Valley because it offers a great education for an affordable price. It also offers many resources for international students." - Miguel Perez Vives, international business and marketing major Read More

Rose Turuka

Undergraduate Student - International Business
"I like the variety of organizations that they have here. It's a great way as an international student to meet local Americans and develop friendships." - Rose Turuka, international business and marketing double major Read More

Eric VanMiddendorp

Undergraduate Student - Engineering
"I chose Grand Valley primarily because of their co-op system. I like that by the time you graduate you have over a year of experience." - Eric VanMiddendorp, engineering major Read More

Vanja Vidojevic

Undergraduate Student - International Business
"The faculty at Grand Valley is just amazing." - Vanja Vidojevic, international business and accounting double major Read More

Matthew Waldon

Undergraduate Student - Public and Nonprofit Administration
"The faculty members here at Grand Valley are like none other. They truly want to interact with their students." - Matthew Waldon, public and nonprofit administration major Read More

Rainesha Williams-Fox

Undergraduate Student - Criminal Justice
"A lot of our professors have worked in the field that they teach. They know people and are willing to be a reference and refer you to people that will help you succeed." - Rainesha Williams-Fox, criminal justice major Read More