Military Police Veteran's Academy

The GVSU Police Academy offers an accelerated, 8-week, basic military police training program for qualifying MP veterans interested in transitioning to civilian policing.


8-Week Accelerated Program
Faculty Base is 98% Active or Former Law Enforcement or Military
40+ Years of Law Enforcement Experience and Tradition

Eligibility Requirements

Any military police veteran interested in this program must meet all MCOLES pre-employment standards, including passing the physical fitness test (exit standard), and the reading/writing examination. 

In addition, applicants must:

  • Have performed as a military police officer for a minimum of 2080 hours in a specified law enforcement occupational specialty (MOS);
  • Have satisfactorily completed military police training at a federal service school;
  • Possess an honorable discharge or be currently serving;
  • Have discontinued employment in the specified law enforcement MOS for no more than five years before the start of the program;
  • Have proof of Professional Rescuer (AED and CPR) certification that is valid throughout the duration of the MPBTP

MPTPB Curriculum

The MPBTP curriculum includes topics, such as:

  • Legal matters
  • Patrol procedures
  • Detention
  • Police skills
  • Traffic
  • Special operations

You can find a detailed list of required courses on the academic requirements page.

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Completion Rate
Licensing Exam Pass Rate
Employment Rate

*5-year average (2013-2016, 2020) **4-year average (2013-2016, 2020 data not avl.)

“GVSU provides a top-notch academic experience for their Military Police Academy. GVSU and MCOLES recognizes and honors the five months of federal police training and experience gained as a military police officer. Because of this, they are able to host an eight-week academically intense academy.”

- Ryan Barger, MPBTP Recruit Commander, Class of 2020

Let's Get Started


Grand Valley's Police Academy will be holding one 8-weeks MP Vet Academy session in the Summer of 2022.

Summer Academy applications due on January 14, 2022.

MP Veterans Academy Application

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