Criminal Justice Training Center

Providing in-service education and training to Michigan law enforcement officers since 2001!

On July 1, 2001, Grand Valley State University formally established the Criminal Justice Training Center (CJTC) to serve educational and training needs of Michigan’s law enforcement community. The CJTC’s mission is to deliver a comprehensive curriculum of career development programs for law enforcement professionals. This mission is accomplished by pursuing grant opportunities and working with educators to develop state of the art training programs.

The CJTC is an active member of the West Michigan Criminal Justice Training Consortium (WMCJTC). The WMCJTC is a conglomeration of law enforcement agencies and educational institutions in western Michigan. Its mission is to “provide leadership, coordination, and delivery of quality and cost effective criminal justice training and educational programs for the criminal justice professional to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to provide the highest standard of criminal justice services to the people they serve.” GVSU’s School of Criminal Justice assisted in the formation of the WMCJTC in 1993 and has continually demonstrated its commitment to support the mission by developing and delivering training initiatives.

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