How to Construct an SWS Course Syllabus

Before creating an SWS course syllabus, carefully review the Requirements for SWS Courses.

Each course syllabus for an SWS course must

  1. Include the required SWS paragraph.
  2. List and describe each of the major writing assignments.
  3. Provide the word count for each of the major writing assignments.
  4. Provide the course grade percentages for each of the major writing assignments.
  5. Include a paragraph (or two) which describes
    • what opportunities will be provided for revision;
    • the number of class hours which will be spent on writing instruction;
    • detailed explanation of the types of writing instruction covered during those class hours;
    • the type and frequency of feedback students will receive from the instructor and in peer review workshops.
    NOTE: This paragraph(s) could be included immediately following the standard SWS paragraph as a course specific elaboration.
  6. Include an objective related to written communication in the Course Objectives.
  7. Include a section in the syllabus regarding the GVSU Writing Center. See this syllabus blurb prepared by the writing center.

Sample approved SWS syllabus from WGS 360

Page last modified September 24, 2015