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Students are in class an average of 30% of the time during the normal week of college life. Students are encouraged to Become More and make the most out of your college experience by getting involved in a wide variety of campus opportunities. Examples include participation in student organizations, attending campus events, developing as leaders and giving back through community service.

In addition to co-curricular activities, getting involved could be through research opportunities with faculty members, by getting a job on campus or through involvement with a campus department. Employers continue to look for new employees who have a broad base of experiences and are comfortable in working with others. Historically, students who are successful have developed a plan for how they will spend the 70% of the time they are not in class.



The Office of Student Life has over 450+ registered student organizations. Explore your opportunities for involvement in campus life and create a plan to make the most of your college experience and Become More.

On this website, you can browse student organizations, learn how to start your own student organization, find policies and procedures for student organizations, and many other things.