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Prospective Students

Welcome to GVSU Political Science

While you are here:

  • Courses taught by professors, not graduate students
  • Small class sizes enable skill development
  • Flexible major or minor
  • Excellent General Education courses
  • Internships in Michigan or Washington DC

Doors open to you:

  • Many career options
  • Excellent preparation for a wide range of graduate programs

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Programs Offered

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  • Political Science major (BA or BS)
  • Political Science minor
  • Political Science teachable minor
  • International Relations major (BA)
  • International Relations minor
  • LEAP (Legal Education Admission Program). Dual degree:
    BA or BS from GVSU political science. JD from Michigan State University College of Law.


Nick Girimont

Nick Girimont

1L at MSU College of Law

Thomas Bell

Thomas Bell

Higher Education Consultant

Quinlyn Mork

Quinlyn Mork

Studying Abroad in Ghana

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Pursuing PhD and Studying Medicare Policy

Andrea Vanderkolk

Andrea Vanderkolk

Studies Arabic in Jordan

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Internships, Jobs and Careers

Your career starts with you, develops in the classroom, and continues in the field. Political science is excellent preparation for a wide variety of jobs and careers. Many classes feature debates, simulations and real-world problem solving. Our small class sizes enable you to develop the skills needed to advance in your career and/or graduate school:

  • Critical thinking
  • Research
  • Data analysis
  • Digital literacy
  • Writing
  • Oral communication

We highly recommend internships for our students. Internships are available in Michigan and in DC through our affiliation with the Washington Center.

Political science is an excellent major for a wide range of graduate programs, including law school, business and public administration. 

For more information:

Internships, jobs and careers


  • The department is staffed with PhDs from top graduate programs.
  • Our focus is undergraduate education.
  • Multiple professors have won awards for their teaching.
  • Professors are published experts in their subfields.

Meet our faculty
Contact information, fields of specialization, and faculty profiles.

General Education

The Political Science Department offers a wide range of courses in the General Education curriculum. Many students who are not political science majors find our General Education courses stimulating and provocative. Majors and minors are able to take these courses to simultaneously fulfill General Education and major/minor requirements.


Political science is a very popular major or minor for pre-law students (students who plan to attend law school). The Political Science Department has a pre-law faculty advisor. The Department offers a dual degree (BA or BA plus JD from MSU College of Law). For more information, visit the pre-law page.


Prof. Walhof Recognized by APSA

Prof. Walhof Recognized by APSA

June 08, 2016

Professor Darren Walhof was recognized by the American Political Science Association for his excellence in teaching.

Johnston to Peace Corps

Johnston to Peace Corps

May 23, 2016

Political science graduate Jacob Johnston is joining the Peace Corps.

Zac Thiel Wins PLS/IR Outstanding Paper Award

Zac Thiel Wins PLS/IR Outstanding Paper Award

April 14, 2016

Zac Thiel's paper, "Exploring the Causes of Inequality in Developed Countries" has been selected as the Outstanding Paper written in 2015.

Spring/Summer Courses 2016

Spring/Summer Courses 2016

March 16, 2016

Check out the courses offered for this Spring and Summer!

Professor King Answers: GOP Strategy & Democratic Turnout Rates

Professor King Answers: GOP Strategy & Democratic Turnout Rates

February 23, 2016

Professor King answers looming questions about the GOP strategy and Democratic turnout rates.

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