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Academic Conference Fund


ACF is taking applications for April 1 - June 30 travel.

If Conference Is Between:

You Should Apply:

July 1 - September 30

June 1 - August 31

October 1 - December 31

September 1 - November 30

January 1 - March 31

December 1 - February 28

April 1 - June 30

March 1 - May 31


Funding eligibility is open to all students who meet the following:

  • Are at least a halftime student of Grand Valley State University at time of travel (6 credits for undergraduates)
  • Have the written support from a faculty member who can attest to the quality of the student's work or the academic benefit of attending the conference/meeting
  • Are in good financial and judiciary standing with the University
  • Are in good academic standing with the University
  • Have had their research accepted for a poster or presentation at a professional conference, or whose creative work is accepted for an exhibition or performance at a state, regional, or national competitive, juried event.

All presentations must comply with ethical standards as noted by the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity. This includes receiving the appropriate approvals from the Human Research and Review Committee (HRRC) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).


Although this is a non-competitive grant, applications will be reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship for eligibility, quality, and alignment with the intent of the Academic Conference Fund. Please allow 10 business days for grant application review. See the ACF FAQs Step-By-Step Instructions for a better sense of the entire process.

Awards of up to $500.00 (up to $750.00 for international travel) will be given to those invited to present or perform at a conference/meeting.


The Student Senate, the Provost's Office, and the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence have established a fund to support student travel to academic conferences. The Academic Conference Fund (ACF) is available to all undergraduate students who may be looking for one time funding to present/perform at an academic conference that is related to their major, minor, and/or professional goals.

Presenting an academic project, a creative exhibit, and/or a performance at an academic conference can be a valuable experience which enriches a students understanding of a discipline and subsequent professions. ACF is intended to assist students in presenting/performing such projects.

The purpose of these grants is to encourage student presentations at academic conferences by offsetting the cost of attendance.

The ACF grants are divided into 4 allotments which are distributed equally over the fiscal year (July-September, October-December, January-March, April-June). Proposals that meet established guidelines and quality will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis each quarter until funds are exhausted for the quarter. A student may only receive one ACF grant per fiscal year.* Although grants are non-competitive, each application will be reviewed by the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship.

Questions? See our ACF FAQs


It is common practice to acknowledge those who have helped you present your work. Logos for the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship can be found here.

OURS also offers the use of poster tubes for seven days to assist in transporting your poster. They can be checked out in 230 LIB.

Please note: the ACF grant and the APEF grant are mutually exclusive. You may not receive both funds for the same conference.

*In addition, a student may only receive one ACF grant per fiscal (i.e. Academic) year. If you have an additional conference funding need within the same fiscal year, you are welcome to email Dr. Susan Mendoza.

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning with the July 1, 2014 cycle, graduate students seeking ACF funding now apply through The Graduate School.