Limitation on Non-Degree enrollments:
A maximum of 12 graduate credit hours may be applied to an academic program; however, consult with a departmental advisor to ensure applicability and any other restrictions for non-degree enrollment. 

Exclusion from Financial Aid:
Students enrolled as "non-degree" status are not eligible for financial aid programs (including the Federal Direct Loan program) and can not be considered until admitted to a graduate program of study while satisfying other stated eligibility requirements.  However, all  students, including non-degree students, can arrange to make payments by using GVSU's Tuition Payment Plan.    

Time Limitations on Graduate Completion and Transfer Credit

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GMAT Test Preparation (MBA):
The Seidman Graduate Services Office coordinates opportunities for students considering graduate study in business to take a computer-based GMAT simulation test.  Please call 331-7400 for information.
GRE, MCAT, LSAT, DAT Test Simulations:
In conjunction with a nationally-known test preparation company, the Counseling and Career Development Office provides practice simulations for students preparing to take the GRE's, MCAT's LSAT's and DAT's in pursuit of graduate study.   For additional information, please call 331-3266. 

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