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2014-2015 GSA Election Results!


Alaina Clarke

Vice President

Samantha Lynn 


Selase Asamoa-Tutu


Marina Okopnaia


Colette Cascarilla

Social Media

Autumn Hubbard

Thank you everyone who took the time apply as well as all of those who voted. The current e-board is very happy to see graduate students getting involved in making GVSU a wonderful place for all graduate students!

GSA Mission: The GSA strives to promote interdisciplinary communication and collaboration in order to enhance a holistic graduate student experience. By fostering the development of a graduate student community at Grand Valley State University, graduate students will develop academically, intellectually, professionally, and socially.

Calling ALL Grad Students
GSA plans and coordinates activities throughout the year aimed at building graduate student culture at Grand Valley, and helping students build professional networks across all disciplines (e.g. GradClub, held the first, second, and third Tuesday, 5-6 pm, at the University Club, Pew Campus, and GradHub, held the last Tuesday of each month (TBA).  GSA also emphasizes career development through its integrated PACES programming, which is cosponsored by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Happening On Campus

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