Eight-Year Time Limitation:
To be counted toward a master's degree at GVSU, all courses must be completed within 8 years from the date of the earliest course, as included in the approved plan of study. This time limit is intended to ensure the validity and currency of the knowledge of students at the time of graduation. For example, a student starting a graduate program in Winter 2004 would have until 2012 to complete the specified degree requirements. If the degree were not completed within the 8 years, students would have to demonstrate competency and currency in the material covered at a level consistent with advances in the field since the course was completed, or be required to repeat the earliest course(s) or an approved substitute.

Five-Year Time Limitation on Transfer Coursework:
Students who transfer graduate coursework are to be advised that the eight-year limit is based on the earliest courses counting toward the graduate program. For example, if a student entered a GVSU graduate program in Winter 2004 but the earliest accepted transfer course had been completed in 2000, the transfer credit would be applied since it is less than five years old; however, the eight-year rule would change the required degree completion date to 2008 - rather than 2012. Only those graduate-level courses identified as equivalent by the University will transfer provided a grade of B or above had been earned. Appeal forms are available from the Office of Graduate Studies by calling 331.7105 or click here to e-mail request.

  Last Modified Date: February 4, 2009
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