Graduate Council

Graduate Council

Seated (L-R): Claudia Leiras, CHP, Nagnon Diarrassouba, COE, Linda Masselink (substitute), University Libraries, John Peck, CHP, Monica Harris, COE, Andrea Bostrom, KCON.

Standing (L-R): Nathan Bair, Student Representative, Shabbir Choudhuri, PCEC, Lihua Huang, CCPS, Robert Adams, PCEC, David Cannon, SCB, Mark Luttenton, CLAS, Mark Staves, CLAS, Dorothea Epple, CCPS, Elizabeth Martin, University Libraries, Aaron Lowen, SCB.

Not pictured: Jean Barry, KCON, Jonathan Engelsma (sabbatical), PCEC, Elena Lioubimtseva, BCOIS, Valeria Long, University Libraries, Hilary Powsner, Student Representative, Paulette Ratliff-Miller (sabbatical),SCB, Melanie Shell-Weiss, BCOIS.

About Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is a faculty-led governance standing committee of the University Academic Senate.  It was established in the 2004-05 academic year to promote excellence in graduate education by creating policies and reviewing curriculum that ensure consistency, equity, and fairness across all graduate programs.

The Graduate Council is a representative body of all faculty engaged in graduation education. Its voting membership is made up of two faculty representatives from each academic college and the University Libraries and two student representatives from the graduate student body.

The Graduate Council strives to ensure transparency in its decision-making; thus, meetings are open to the GVSU community for anyone to attend.  Additionally, all agendas and approved meeting minutes are published on the Graduate Council’s website. Further information on the Graduate Council, including current membership and meeting schedules are available on this website.