The University of Kansas Writing Center offers comprehensive guidance for integrating writing projects into classes, and effectively evaluating writing assignments. Below are links to some of the Center's pages.

Assignment Design describes how to decide when writing is appropriate within your course objectives and questions to consider in creating writing assignments.

Assignment Types outlines the strengths of different types of writing projects, and offers tips for successfully integrating them into courses and helping students complete them successfully.

Responding to and Evaluating Writing offers multiple techniques for constructively assessing and grading writing projects -- from not grading to peer evaluation.

Writing For Learning focuses on integrating writing that promotes learning into classes, rather than simply writing that demonstrates learning, and offers several approaches and assignments to foster writing for learning.

Minimal Marking offers research-based rebuttal to faculty assumptions that they must read every word they have assigned or students have written. Minimal marking is an approach to assessing and grading writing in which faculty focus on substance rather than form.

Diagnosing and Responding to Student Writing offers suggestions for effectively responding to student writing.

The Writing Center at GVSU offers faculty resources for their students and ideas about integrating writing into courses. The GVSU Library has resources for both students and faculty on Preventing and Detecting Plagiarism.

For more information on this or any teaching related topic, please contact the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center (331-3499) or

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