1. All reimbursements are processed through your department. Submit your Travel & Expense vouchers, receipts, invoices, PO's etc. to your department staff. They will help you with any forms or Accounting requirements that must be met. Pew FTLC reimburses department funds when all grant criteria are met.

2. All Faculty Travel Grants require a report of the activity before funds are released. The report should be 1-2 pages describing the benefit of the activity for your teaching. You may report specifically on the sessions you attended, the connections you made to experts or others interested in your field, or tips and inspirations you acquired.

Submit your report to the Pew FTLC grant website. Click on "Apply for Grants",  log into your grant, click "View", and scroll down until you see the box that states Upload Report on the right.

1. All travel expenses are to be made using department funds. After the Travel and Expense report has been processed, send a copy to the Pew FTLC. Please make sure the FOAP to be credited is on the report. Send it via inter-office mail to Pew FTLC, 324 LOH, or electronically to

2. The department will be reimbursed through a working budget transfer of funds from the Pew FTLC grant account. The FTLC will initiate the transfer in Onbase once all paperwork (Travel & Expense form and Professor's report) is in.


Page last modified November 12, 2013