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Work Study & Student Employment

You could earn up to $2600 a year by working while at Grand Valley, reducing your reliance on loans. Most students find it possible to work 10-15 hours a week and still maintain their academic and social life. Working helps you organize your time, teaches you discipline, and provides you with references to help you in your future career goals.

What's the difference between student employment & work-study?

Both are simply jobs that you find to help pay your expenses while attending college.

  • Work-study is a federal or state program that reimburses employers part of the cost of paying student employees. You qualify by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and demonstrating financial need.

  • Student employment is considered a Grand Valley student employee. The office that you work for does not receive a reimbursement for your wages.

Work-study does not mean you are paid for studying!

You must apply for a job, and satisfy the employer's requirements to be hired and retained. You receive a paycheck every other week and are responsible for using the money for educational expenses.

How do I get paid?

Whether you have student employment or work-study, once you have a job and begin working you will receive a paycheck every other week. Your earnings are NOT applied to your bill as a credit.

Ready to find a job?

Visit the Student Employment website for more information on searching for jobs online.