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About Us

Our mission is to offer support and resources which provide access for students to pursue an education through:

  • A staff dedicated to innovative, proactive solutions
  • Identifying, creating, and delivering resources through personal counseling and outreach efforts to provide a financial plan for families

Our vision is to be the leader in providing the greatest customer service experience. We will make a Grand Valley State University education affordable, one student at a time.

Our Staff

Name Email Title
Allore, Matthew Financial Aid Counselor
Arangure-Martinez, Elizabeth Admissions/Financial Aid Counselor
Bromley, Nicholas Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Chase, Martha Student Employment Assistant
Dix, Susan Financial Aid Assistant
Flannery, Robert Financial Aid Counselor
Golden, Francesca Associate Director of Financial Aid
Haskin, Julie Financial Aid Assistant
Herman, Suzy Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Horning, Melissa Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Johnson, Detwann Financial Aid Counselor
Johnston, Wendy Financial Aid Assistant
McElrath, Lauren Associate Director of Financial Aid
Mulder, Samantha Financial Aid Counselor
Poll, Jenna Associate Director of Financial Aid
Pretty-Smith, Audra Financial Aid Counselor
Rhodes, Ben Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Rhodes, Michelle Associate Vice President for Financial Aid
Scott, Christine Associate Director of Financial Aid
Shuert, Katie Office Coordinator
White, Maryelise Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Zalud, Anne Assistant Director of Student Employment

Our Student Assistants

Name Title
Bartlett, Sydney Imaging Student Assistant
Berg, Kelly Graduate Assistant - Front Desk
Corbin, Cecilia Phone Bank Student Assistant
Crank, Terria Graduate Assistant - Scholarships
DeWyse, Jessica MoneySmart Peer Mentor
Degraaf, Arin Phone Bank Student Assistant
Dotson, Amanda Phone Bank Student Assistant
Franklin, Virginia Phone Bank Student Assistant
Gbewonyo, Abigail MoneySmart Peer Mentor
Gilmore, Allyson Student Employment Student Assistant
Harris, Jakyrah Imaging Student Assistant
Hill, Logen Phone Bank Student Assistant
Jenks, Andrew MoneySmart Peer Mentor
Koons, Emily MoneySmart Peer Mentor
Normington, Lindsey Student Employment Student Assistant
Novak, Danielle Graduate Assistant - Financial Literacy
Pannell, Brianna Phone Bank Student Assistant
Rincones, Jesenia Phone Bank Student Assistant
Scheider, Makenzie MoneySmart Peer Mentor
Silas, Avion MoneySmart Peer Mentor
Slade, Nyia Phone Bank Student Assistant
Slooter, Travis Graduate Assistant - Front Desk
Talley, DeJa Phone Bank Student Assistant
Terwillegar, Sara Student Employment Student Assistant
Villasana-Acosta, Carla Phone Bank Student Assistant
Wilkie, Miranda Phone Bank Assistant
Williams, Tamea Student Employment Student Assistant
Wiltshire, Sidney Graduate Assistant - Verification