Worthy's Jeweler & Gemologist Scholarship

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Description: As an organization that values expertise, objectivity, and transparency, Worthy wants to contribute to the growth and progression of the field of gemology. We are doing this by challenging the gemologists and jewelry industry experts of tomorrow, in our $1,500 scholarship competition! 

We’d like to see what the experts of tomorrow have to say about the jewelry industry in an in-depth research paper based on one of the three topics outlined in our guidelines. Feel free to be as creative as possible and include any additional media to supplement your research.

Once received, Worthy and our board of industry experts will review all submissions and reward the most creative, informative, and innovative author with a $1,500 scholarship. We will feature our winner and their research findings on Worthy.com, as well as offer them a fast-track placement in our summer internship program.

Eligibility: Open to any high school or college student interested in or actively pursuing jewelry related studies.

Website:  https://www.worthy.com/about/scholarship

Contact Information:  scholarships@worthy.com

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This is an outside scholarship. Grand Valley State University does not have affiliation with this scholarship agency and does not take part in the selection of the scholarship. Please remember that GVSU does not endorse any specific web site nor is GVSU responsible for the content on the various web sites. We are simply providing these links as a courtesy to you.

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December 15, 2017

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Art - Studio Art