Lindsay Ellis

Associate Professor
Department of English

English Education
Director, Lake Michigan Writing Project
Director, Writing Across the Curriculum (SWS)

218 Lake Huron Hall
(616) 331-2994

Lindsay Ellis

ENG 310 Teaching Writing: Secondary
ENG 632 National Writing Project Invitation and Institute
ENG 633 Advanced Writing: Teacher Research
ED 331 Methods and Strategies for Secondary Teaching

Research Interests
Secondary English Teacher Education; Composition and Rhetoric; Teacher Research; Ethnographic Research in Multicultural Communities and Classrooms; Alternative Dispute Resolution Strategies; Rhetorics of early 20th Century Internationalism; Early 20th Century American Literature.

Recent Publications

Rozema, R., & Ellis, L., Eds. (2014) Early Career English Teachers in Action: Learning from Experience, Developing Expertise.  New York, NY: Routledge.

Book Chapter
Ellis, L. (2015). A critique of the ubiquity of the Toulmin model in argumentative writing instruction in the U.S.A. In Frans H. van Eemeren and Bart Garssen (Ed.), Scrutinizing Argumentation in Practice. (pp. 201-213). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Ellis, Lindsay. "Law and Order in the Classroom: Reconsidering "A Course on Citizenship," 1914." Journal of Peace Education 10.1 (2013): 21-35. Print.

Ellis, Lindsay. "Why does He Want a Dictator? Action Research on Democratic Classroom Decision Making." English Education 45.4 (2013): 385-401. Print. 

Ellis, Lindsay.  “Negotiating Perspectives: Writing as Democratic Citizens in the Classroom.” Language Arts Journal of Michigan 24.2 (2009): 23-28.

Gere, Anne Ruggles and Lindsay Ellis.  “Composition, Law and ADR.” Legal Writing 10 (2004): 91-109.

Moje, Elizabeth Birr, Kathryn McIntosh Ciechanowski, Katherine Kramer, Lindsay Ellis, and Rosario Carrillo.  “Looking for the Third Space: Exploring the Intersections of Community and Classroom Discourses.” Reading Research Quarterly 39.1 (2004): 38-70.

Ellis, Lindsay, Anne Ruggles Gere, Jill Lamberton.  “Out Loud: The Common Language of Poetry.”  English Journal. 93.1 (2003): 44-50.

B.A., Wheaton College
M.A., University of Chicago
Ph.D., University of Michigan

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