Little Black Lake


In 2007, AWRI conducted a limnological survey of Little Black Lake and its tributaries, a 95-hectare lake which sits on the border of Norton Shores and Spring Lake Township in Muskegon County, MI. At that time, local residents expressed concerns over excessive aquatic plant growth during summer months impacting recreational and aesthetic enjoyment of the lake.

Now in 2023, AWRI has been asked to re-survey the lake and tributaries to provide a new snapshot of the lake's current environmental conditions to assist in planning and decision-making. 

Project Summary

AWRI will monitor water quality at four inflowing tributaries and the outflowing Little Black Lake Drain during baseflow conditions and one major storm event. Within the lake, three sites will be sampled for basic water quality and sediment chemistry. Sediments will additionally be analyzed for the Michigan 10 metals (arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, selenium, silver, and zinc). Finally, an aquatic vegetation survey throughout the lake will be conducted to assess vegetation cover and species abundance.


Al Steinman, Project Manager: [email protected]
Mike Hassett, Lead Technician: [email protected]

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