Wetlands Ecosystem Service Values: Aesthetic/Amenity

Land Use: Wetlands
Ecosystem Service: Aesthetic/Amenity
Regional Value Estimate: $19-$30 per acre per year
Confidence Level (in estimated value): Moderate

How was value determined:

  1. The range of values for regional wetlands aesthetic/amenity were transferred from two peer-reviewed hedonic studies of housing value adjacent to urban wetlands in Minnesota and Portland, Oregon (Doss and Taff 1996Mahan et al 2000).
  2. The study values were then converted using a coefficient, approximated distance from wetlands, and county-level median housing values (U.S. Census Bureau 2000).

Value estimate limitations:

  1. Values represent the influence of urban wetlands on residential property values. The values vary depending on the property value at a specific location, and on the number of households within 1,000 feet of a wetland.
  2. We assumed that all types and locations of wetlands have the same influence on property values. Types and distances of wetland to the the property may also influence the property value.

Allegan   Barry   Ionia   Kent   Muskegon   Newaygo   Ottawa

Estimated Wetlands Aesthetic/Amenity Values

Value was not determined for this land use ecosystem service at the county-level because there were insufficient data to do so.