Water Ecosystem Service Values: Recreation - Fish and Wildlife Habitat

Land Use: Water
Ecosystem Service: Recreation-Fish and Wildlife Habitat
Regional Value Estimate: $864 per acre per year
Confidence Level (in estimated value): Low

How was value determined:

  1. The regional value for water recreation-fish and wildlife habitat was transferred from 12 peer-reviewed studies of various recreational activities and environmental amenities (including wildlife habitat) in various locales (Bowker et al 1996Danielson et al 1995Kelch et al 2006Adamowicz et al 1994Englin et al 1997Sellar et al 1985Shafer et al 2000Ralston et al 1991Richards et al 1990Sorg and Loomis 1986Sutherland 1982).
  2. These values were combined and adjusted to obtain an overall per trip value estimate.
  3. This per trip value estimate was multiplied by Michigan boating usage data (number of boat days) and then divided by the acres of surface water in the West Michigan policy region (Stynes et al 1995).

Value estimate limitations:

  1. The values represent recreation activities related only to river and lakes.
  2. Rivers provide a significant ecological value for sport fishing. Lakes provide high economic values for recreational activities, especially for power boating.
  3. Water quality and quantity (e.g., flow and lake stage levels) are important for factors that affect recreational and habitat values. The values reported here did not account for this.

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Estimated Water Recreation-Fish and Wildlife Habitat Values

Value was not determined for this land use ecosystem service at the county-level because there were insufficient data to do so..