Michigan Project WET Facilitators

Michigan Project WET Facilitators are a part of a network of volunteers who conduct educator workshops. Facilitators are the local contacts for schools, youth organizations, etc. who want information on the program or want to attend a workshop. Facilitators are located throughout Michigan. Facilitators are encouraged to support each other by collaborating on promotional efforts and workshops.


What is a facilitator?

Being a Project WET facilitator means that you are not really a teacher nor are you a leader. A facilitator serves as a guide, helping workshop participants gain a better understanding about Project WET, its use, and potential impact on children's environmental/conservation awareness and understanding.

You will help participants make their own observations, interpretations, and conclusions about Project WET, and to assist them in discovering the potential Project WET holds for them as educators. Facilitators use hands-on activities and creative presentation strategies to inspire the participants to use the Project WET materials in their schools and organizations.

Note: All existing facilitators must be updated to be able to present workshops for the new Project WET 2.0 Guide. Contact the Michigan Coordinators below.


Duties of a Facilitator

Facilitators will:

  1. Attend a one- (6 hours) or two-day (12 hours) training session on Project WET.
  2. Promote Project WET in their area by contacting in person, by phone, or by mail schools, youth organizations, environmental/conservation organizations, camps, nature centers, parks and recreation organizations, zoos, news media, water related organizations, etc. with information about Project WET.
  3. Conduct presentations for groups to explain Project WET and to promote workshops.
  4. Set up a local network of key contact people who are interested in Project WET.
  5. Plan and conduct at least one 6 hour workshop every two years according to the guidelines of the facilitator's handbook.
  6. Maintain contact with workshop participants to aid implementing Project WET materials and keep participants up-to-date with new developments.
  7. Complete the paperwork necessary to administer and evaluate the Project WET program. This includes the workshop proposal, participant evaluations, and facilitator reporting forms.
  8. Forward information on local events or developments in the Project WET program to the Project WET Coordinator, for inclusion in the Project WET materials.

Requirements of a Facilitator

Facilitators must:

  1. Represent, in a professional manner, Michigan Project WET.
  2. Have an understanding of life science concepts, with an emphasis on water related topics.
  3. Have the time and motivation to organize and conduct workshops in their area.
  4. Have speaking and teaching skills adequate to conduct an active, interesting workshop.
  5. Understand the educational system well enough to work through proper channels to set up workshops to assist teachers in integrating the Project WET materials into their curriculum.


Facilitator Selection and Certification

The Project WET Coordinator will invite qualified individuals to become facilitators or interested individuals may apply. All facilitators will be asked to fill out a short application form to provide background and contact information.

Potential facilitators will be invited to attend a one or two-day training session. During the training facilitators will experience many Project WET activities, learn the history and objectives of the program, learn to conduct Project WET workshops, and explore methods of assisting teachers and resource personnel in using the materials.

Once a facilitator has been through this training, he or she will receive a certificate and be ready to conduct Project WET workshops. Active, certified facilitators must conduct a minimum of one 6 hour workshop every two years.


Individuals Interested in Becoming a Project WET Facilitator Should Contact:

Amanda Syers: [email protected]

Page last modified March 11, 2024