Data Management

The diagram below shows aspects of how the data is managed.  The base station computer at AWRI calls up the buoy data logger and downloads the near real-time data into the local archive.  Software automatically flags select data if it detects errors.  Recent provisional data is then posted to the internet websites for open access. 

Periodically, sensors are removed from the lake and bench tested for proper calibration, and a more thorough evaluation of the data is performed to determine if it meets the data quality objectives.  Any issues with the sensors or data is noted and the data archive is flagged appropriately.  As such, the data archive is typically of better quality than what is available through the internet.  The data available through the internet is occasionally updated with the latest data archive, but may not reflect the most current changes.

All data is backed up off-site at frequent intervals to avoid loss.

Schematic of Muskegon Lake Observatory Buoy data management

Data Disclaimer

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