Talks from Sustainable Community Voices

July 2019

Sustainable Community Voices discusses planning for organizational change and leadership in resiliency with Ann Erhardt, Principle of Commons Logic, LLC and Chief Sustainable Officer for Infrastructure Planning and Facilities with MSU

June 2019

Sustainable Community Voices discusses “The Role of Incubator Kitchens in our Local Economy” with Ryan Bolhuis and Renae Hesselink

May 2019

Sustainable Community Voices discuss the Path to Achieving B Corp Certification with Jeremy Miller and Brittany Goode from Aldea Coffee

April 2019

Sustainable Community Voices discusses the 2018 Michigan Battle of the Buildings with Eddie Tadlock, Assistant GM, SMG/DeVos Place and VanAndel Arena

Sustainable Community Voices with Teresa Hendricks of Migrant Legal Aid joining us to talk about the roles and challenges of migrant workers 

March 2019

Sustainable Community Voices with Dan Broersma the Environmental Sustainability Manager with Goodwill

January 2019

Sustainable Community Voices discusses Commercial Fishing on the Great Lakes with Amber Mae Petersen

December 2018

Sustainable Community Voices puts the spotlight on green practices in our community with Diane Connors, Diane Golzynski and Colleen Matts 

November 2018

Sustainable Community Voices discusses "Our West Michigan Sustainability Journey" with the director of GVSU's Office of Sustainability Practices, Norman Christopher

October 2018

Getting Green discusses GVSU's Maintenance Operations with, Jeff Marcinkowski and Lawrence Meredith from facilities

September 2018

Kari Bliss and Bill Haadsma discuss The State of Recycling and The China Sword 

August 2018

WGVU Media- Sustainable Community Voices discusses West Michigan Shoreline Food Processing Initiative with Marty Gerencer

April 2017

WGVU Media- Sustainable Community Voices meets with Chole Pakaini of Continental Dairy Facilities on the topic of sustainability in the milk production industry.

March 2017

WGVU Media- Sustainable Community Voices meets with Mark Coe, the manager of the Farm to Freezer Program at Goodwill Northern Michigan.

February 2017

WGVU Media- Sustainable Community Voices meets with Jason Kehrer from NewNorth Center for Design in Business. He joins us to talk about Design Thinking and how that contributes to sustainability.

January 2017

WGVU Media - Sustainable Community Voices talks about Food Rx with Julio Cano-San Martin, a Community Health Program Specialist from Spectrum Health.

December 2016

WGVU Media - Sustainable Community Voices meets with guests from Goodwill, Dick Carlson and Kathy Crosby.  Dick and Cathy discuss Goodwill Industries' Role in our Communities.

November 2016

WGVU Media - Sustainable Community Voices meets with Sarah Mullkoff, Energy Program Director with Lansing's Michigan Environmental Council to discuss The Energy Policy Scene in Michigan.

October 2016

WGVU Media - Sustainable Community Voices meets with Molly Flanagan, VP of policy for the Alliance for the Great Lakes to talk about using the Great Lakes for drinking water.

September 2016

WGVU Media - Sustainable Community Voices meets with Norman Christopher and Annie Marie Fauvel to discuss apiaries, honeybees and the growth of sustainable farming.

August 2016

-WGVU Media - Sustainable Community Voices meets with Erik Nordman of GVSU, discussing GVSU's Natural Resources management program.

-Power for the 21st Century- The Holland Energy Park recently won the ISI Envision Platinum Award for the park's sustainable infrastructure. To find out more about the Holland Energy Park, click here.

July 2016

-WGVU Media Marta Swain from Clothing Matters discusses sustainable clothing with WGVU. Listen to Clothing Matters' Marta Swain here.

May 2016

-WGVU Media - Dean McCurdy, Associate VP of Instruction, joins to give attention to Kalamazoo Valley Community College. Listen Dean McCurdy here

April 2016

-WGVU Media - Youssef Darwich, GVSU's Sustainable Agriculture Project Farm Manager and Eddie Tadlock. Listen to Youssef and Eddie here
-WGVU Media - Cheri Holman, John Zimmerman and Brett Roach discuss the Michigan Battle of the Buildings 2015 winners.

March 2016

WGVU Media - Assistant Principal of City High, Ryan Huppert, and students join us to talk about the UNRCE Virtual Student Conference. Listen to Ryan here
- WGVU Media - Dr. Jonathan Smiega, Environmental Chemist with Steelcase, discusses The Chemistry of Things:  Building Materials. Listen to Jonathan here
- Women's Life Stye Norton Shores - One year update on local home solar system.

February 2016

- WGVU Media -Kyle Fiebig talks about the changing face of career tech in Michigan. Listen to Kyle here

January 2016 

WGVU Media - Grand Rapids & Sustainability w/ Haris Alibasic Listen to Haris here
- Local First names LocalMotion winners Read more about LocalMotion here

December 2015

- WGVU Media - U.S. Green Building Council West Michigan Chapter Listen to the U.S. Green Building Council here
- WGVU Media - Sustainability in the Holland Community and at Hope College.

November 2015

- WGVU Media - Sustainable Packaging Design.

September 2015

- Battle of the Buildings Recognized as a Michigan Energy Leader in First Annual Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards Read about Battle of the Buildings here

August 2015

- WGVU MediaMayor George Heartwell and special guest Dr. Salvadore Garcia discuss the UNRCE conference  Listen to Mayor George Hartwell here

July 2015

- WGVU Media - Herman Miller Earthright Strategy - Supplier Engagement Listen to Herman Miller Earthright Strategy here

April 2015

- Wege Prize awards $30K for circular economy proposals Read more about the Wege Prize here

- WGVU Media - Getting Green Listen here

February 2015

- Check out Sustainability Voices here
- Butterworth project would be city’s first large-scale foray into solar energy. - learn more about the Butterworth project


January 2015

Michigan Battle of the Buildings
Made possible by strong community partners like Consumers Energy and DTE Energy, the Michigan USGBC Battle of the Buildings Program is an awards and recognition program for energy use reduction open to all Michigan area commercial & industrial buildings. The program is a way to encourage energy-efficient practices in buildings across the state and to instill a spirit of friendly competition among the area’s building owners and operators.  There is no cost to enter the competition.

Registration for 2015 is open!

- Every house has an energy use number.  What's yours?
Calculate your home's energy use number.  Compare it to other homes. Learn ways to lower your energy bill and help Holland win the Georgetown University Energy Prize. Get tips about furnace tune-ups, LED lighting, renewable energy options for your home, and more.

Calculate your home energy use number in advance at, or calculate it at the event by bringing your gas and electric bill plus your home's square footage measurement with you.
Part of the Living Sustainably along the Lakeshore event series.
Tuesday, January 13, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Hazel B. Hayes Auditorium, Herrick District Library


December 2014

- Holland considers food innovation district for downtown area. Read more about Holland
- Sustainable Community Voices, a monthly conversation with guests in sustainability-related fields. Today's topic, the RCE, the Regional Center of Expertise for Education for Sustainable Development. Listen here
- WMU students create apiary. Read more about the apiary
- WMU earns national recognition from U.S. Green Building Council. learn more about the recognition
- WMU recognized for their climate leadership status at Boston event. learn more about the climate leadership status

November 2014

- To view the Holland Board of Public Works 2014 Annual Report Click here to view the annual report.
- Sustainable Community Voices, every month putting the spotlight on those in the field of sustainability. Today we talk to the new Director of MAREC, Kevin Ricco. Click here to listen.

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