Student Stories

Samantha's Story

Photo of Samantha, Undergraduate Nursing Student

The Wesorick Center has provided a multitude of opportunities for learning, personal and professional growth, and discovery. It is a public space where ideas on health care, patient-centered care and the delivery of care are discussed and flourish. I am blest to be working with an amazingly talented group of professionals that are passionately motivated to improve current health care conditions. The Wesorick Center provides a dedicated space to develop future motivated and strong leaders in health.

Undoubtedly, the greatest asset of the Wesorick Center is its drive for a health care transformation with the patient at the center of care. Through this philosophy, future health care leaders learn the importance of who we serve and are reminded why we entered health care professions. When daily work and routine becomes centered and focused on the patient, we can remove waste and improve health outcomes for patients. That is not a coincidence.. 

Maria's Story

Photo of Maria, Doctoral Nursing Student

"Not only has the Wesorick Center changed my Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) education experience, but it has also transformed my personal nursing practice. As Bonnie Wesorick says, it is up to the individual to work collaboratively to transform healthcare, because if we don't, who will? Bonnie, along with my work at the Wesorick Center, has solidified my responsibility as a healthcare professional for me to provide individualized patient-centered care that not only promotes, but enhances wholeness of the body, mind, and spirit. The impact that the Wesorick Center has had on me will not end when my formal education at Grand Valley State University is completed. Rather, the values that the Center promotes will influence the way that I care for my patients and the way that I collaborate with my peers and the other disciplines as we care for patients throughout my nursing career.

Mariah's Story

Photo of Mariah, Nursing Student

"The Wesorick Center has advanced my learning experience by guiding me through the statistical process involved with my work in evidence based practice protocols. I was really able to see statistics functioning in an area relevant to my masters work. In the past, I have learned statistical operations but relating their importance to my personal experience allowed me to develop a deeper meaning.

The Wesorick Center staff is amazing and directed at the students best interest. The Center was timely in responding to student questions and deadlines. Organization was of high priority and their personal face-to-face meetings were reassuring. They were extremely supportive and encouraged me to publish my work. I look forward to working with the Wesorick Center in the future on possible publications.

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