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The legacy of today’s interprofessional health care leaders will be the successful transformation of the health care system at the point of care. Most health care leaders and providers are masters of problem solving. However, the major issues haunting health care today are combinations of problems and polarities. When health care professionals are not clear about how to differentiate between problems and polarities, time, money and energy are wasted. The summer institute brings the skill of Polarity Thinking to interprofessional teams in academia, research and practice. The sessions move from theory to daily realities within the care system. This focused time exploring both simple and complex applications of Polarity Thinking is intended for interprofessional clinicians, managers, executives, consultants, educators and researchers. Register Here!

Polarity Thinking in Health Care and Beyond with Barry Johnson

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Polarity Course

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This course educates students on the values of polarity thinking and how it can transform their own thinking, educational and workplace experiences, differentiate problems from polarities and how to manage polarities over time to sustain change over time. Students will engage in discussion, analysis, readings, and activities that instruct them on how to use this valuable tool.