What is the Center? The Wesorick Center is:

  • An endowed center located within the Kirkhof College of Nursing at Grand Valley State University.  

  • A dedicated interdisciplinary setting where scholarly work is conducted to advance knowledge of health care delivery for the purpose of transforming the way health care is provided at multiple and diverse points of care.

What does the Center do?

Focuses on health and interprofessional engagement, supports students, faculty, community partners and providers to collaborate, develop and implement sustainable projects that transform the way health care is delivered.

Specifically, the Wesorick Center provides:

  • Proposal and writing consultation for interprofessional students, faculty, and community partners for grants, data analysis, implementation and evidence-based science projects.
  • Workshops focused on polarity thinking, interprofessional education and collaborative practice, health informatics, and evidence-based clinical practice.
  • Connections to establish relationships among academic, professional, patient, family, community and practice partners. 

What difference does the Center make?

  • Embraces patient’s story as the core to health care delivery. 
  • Improves outcomes for those who give and receive care.
  • Develops visionary future leaders.
  • Leads to cost savings. 
  • Reduces redundancy in health care delivery.
  • Leverages knowledge of health information technology, evidence-based clinical practice, interprofessional education and collaborative practice. 

Why should I be part of it?

  • Because it is “both the smart and right thing to do” for you, your family, your care providers, and your communities.
  • Because as a philanthropic effort, the expanse truly addresses the broader good for all people.
  • Because everyone has a shared value and interest in quality health care.
  • Because together we can transform healthcare.
  • Because if we don’t, who will?


  • Each person has the right to safe, individualized healthcare, which promotes wholeness of body, mind and spirit.
  • A healthy culture begins with each person and is enhanced by self-work, healthy relationships, and system supports.
  • Continuous learning, diverse thinking, and evidence-based actions are essential to maintain and improve health.
  • Partnerships are essential to plan, coordinate, integrate, deliver, and evaluate healthcare across the   continuum.
  • Each person is accountable to communicate and integrate his/her contribution to healthcare.
  • Quality exists where shared purpose, vision, values, and healthy relationships are lived. ™Elsevier CPM Resource Center 

Page last modified December 13, 2022