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July updates: (details and screenshots coming soon)

  • Coupons in form builder
  • Options are limited to a number of responses
  • Spanish Character Support
  • confirmation emails in form builder can now contain questions/answers.
  • Day in History module
  • Form builder's Predefined Multi-Select for Semesters now lets you choose a year range.

Rearrange Multiple Select 

You can now rearrange multiple select options on forms. 

arrange multi-select form items

clone a form like a sheep

Clone a form

Do you have a form that you created you absolutely love and tell all your family and friends about? You can now make a copy of the form so you have a nice starting point for your next amazing form instead of starting from scratch. 

Blocked HTML

Obsolete HTML tags and attributes are now being blocked in the CMS. Using deprecated code can cause your pages to be ranked lower in search engines as well as render the page incorrectly (or not at all) for your site visitors. 

<marquee><blink>But this is so rad!</blink></marquee>

Please use the HTML chunk with great caution and test all changes on mobile, tablet, and desktop computers. Do not use this tag unless absolutely necessary.

The following obsolete HTML tags are not allowed: acronym, applet, basefont, bgsound, big, blink, center, dir, font, frame, frameset, hgroup, isindex, listing, marquee, multicol, nobr, noframes, plaintext, s,spacer, strike, tt, u, nextid, noembed, xmp. The following tags are not allowed: !DOCTYPE, body, html, head, table, tr, td, th, thead, tbody, tfoot.

The following obsolete HTML attributes are not allowed: rev, charset, shape, coords, longdesc, nohref, profile, version, scheme, archive, classid, codebase, codetype, declare, standby, valuetype, axis, abbr,scope, align, alink, vlink, text, background, bgcolor, border, cellpadding, cellspacing, char, charoff, clear, compact, frame, compact, hspace, vspace, marginheight, marginwidth, noshade, nowrap, rules, size,valign. The following attributes are not allowed: colspan, rowspan, onload.

background colors

Background Colors

Apply a light blue or light grey background color on paragraphs and headings


You can now center headings, paragraphs and images.

center it!

tags for short urls

Short URL tags

Do you have an unruly number of short URL's? Sure, we all do. Now you can add tags to any short URL for better organization.

Snapchat added to social media

I'm cool, I'm hip, I use the snapchats.


headers on forms

Customize headers on forms

You can now control headers on forms. 

Add Sprout classes to your event module

The events module now has a settings button where you can pull in classes from Sprout! Do it! You know you want to!

Sprout integration with events!

Admin Lookup

Found a broken link on a web site at GVSU that you do not have access to? You can now look up the administrator for any site! Just click Admin Lookup from the left navigation after logging into the CMS admin. You can also use this direct link: https://www.gvsu.edu/cms4/admin/dashboard-adminlookup.htm

Admin Lookup

New Module: Job Feed

Jobs are good right? We just finished working with the Careers Center to add customizable feeds from LakerJobs right on your site!  Add one via the "Manage Modules" link on the left hand navigation.

Submenu limit increased from 5 to 7

Shhh. It's a secret. 

New site analytics through Site Improve

Ugh, google analytics is just so complicated, I don't need all this data, I just want to know about MY site. We hear you! We are moving to a more simple analytics tool that is part of SiteImprove. Want to know more, email Joseph Vugteveen ([email protected]) or fill out the analytics request form inside your CMS admin area. 


Form Builder

Holy smokes, you can build your own forms now!! That is awesome, how come nobody told me this sooner?!?!

Form Builder Video Tutorial

(see how I used a button there?)

form builder

Site Search Labels

By default we were using the site title as the label for the site search box at the top right corner of your site (see image to the right) However, we noticed that many of you have very long site titles, so we added an option in Settings where you can shorten (or make an alias) for the site search label (see image below)


We miss 1995 just as much as you do, that's why tables are back in CMS 4. But these aren't your grandma's tables, these bad boys are responsive! That means they'll look fantastic on any size screen. Give 'em a try, you won't regret it. 

tables are the bomb


Buttons, 'nuff said. Make any hyperlink into a pretty roundy button. People love clicking on pretty roundy things right?



You can now add Pinterest to your social media contacts. 


CMS 3 Page Redirects

Do you have pages form your old CMS 3 site that you need to redirect to new pages on your CMS 4 site? Sure we all do, that's why we've created redirects, now with less sodium. Contact a member of your local web team and they can enable redirects in your CMS 4 admin area, then you'll be able to redirect any old CMS 3 page to your new CMS 4 page. Shazam! 

List of Live Sites 

Want to see a list sites using CMS 4? Now you can https://www.gvsu.edu/cms4/admin/dashboard-stats-public.htm

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