Featured Projects


Featured Project: Form Builder

Integrated into the CMS, Form Builder allows departments to create their own forms and easily view and export results.

Featured Project: Zebra

Zebra is the web team's project coordination and issue management tracking system.

Featured Project: Student Scholars Day Registration

The Student Scholars Day system allows students to submit a registration to present scholarly and/or creative work during Student Scholars Day.

Featured Project: Sprout

Sprout allows faculty and staff to browse and sign up for classes covering a variety of topics, including professional development and health and wellness.

Featured Project: eBenefits System

GVSU eBenefits allows GVSU employees to elect and manage benefits during open enrollment and new hire orientation.

Featured Project: Sail

The Sail system allows faculty to plan courses, curriculum, and programs, as well as track the status of submitted curriculum proposals.

Featured Project: Content Management System

The GVSU Content Management System allows departments and organizations within Grand Valley to create and manage their own websites without any special software or advanced programming knowledge.

Featured Project: Events Calendar

The Events Calendar allows faculty, students, and the community to keep up with what's happening at GVSU. Sign up for e-mail alerts, share your events on Facebook, and submit your organization or department's events.

Featured Project: Home Page

The GVSU home page features the most up-to-date information from events, news, success stories, and happenings across the university.

Featured Project: Admissions

The undergraduate and graduate admissions applications allow prospective students to learn about GVSU, get in touch, personalize their account, and apply online.

Page last modified February 16, 2015