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This form is for new department/office accounts only. If you wish to add an administrator to an existing account, please email Kelley Rogers ([email protected]) directly. 

Emma accounts are available for GVSU department/office use only. Please note the following before requesting an account: 

  • Only one Emma account will be created per department/office. If one already exists, you will be notified who the administrator is. 
  • In the interest of data security and system integrity, no shared logins are allowed.  All Emma users must maintain their own individual username and password.
  • University Marketing's contract with Emma is per contact (email address), not per email sent. Please clear your contacts as soon as possible, and do not store recipient lists in the system—they count against our contract quota even if they're not being used. 
  • Requests for a new Emma account must come from a faculty or staff member.
  • Full access will be given to @gvsu.edu (faculty/staff) email addresses; "editor" access (no ability to send) can be given to @mail.gvsu.edu (student) email addresses. 
  • Emma accounts with no activity in a 12-month span will be deleted. Also, be aware that Emma deletes all campaign data 18 months after the sent date.

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Reminder: Emma access is granted to individuals only via GVSU network account.

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Page last modified February 1, 2024