CMS 4 Training Video

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Responsive design? What's that?
A quick demo of how the CMS adapts itself for mobile devices and tablets

Horizontal and vertical options, navigation item limits, adding primary and sub-navigation items. 

Templates, how to add page chunks, adding images. how to disable the header image or page titles, how to expire content. 

Restoring deleted content
Need to roll back a page to a previously saved version? 


Content options
Adding a YouTube video, horizontal line, anchor, Twitter module or HTML module

File Manager
Uploading files, searching the file manager

Creating new tags, tagging content and file manager items

Adding new headers

Short URLs
Adding short URLs, usage of short URLs, viewing statistics

"More" options
Site access logs, adding administrators, how to request analytics access, adding contacts, setting up protected file access, site settings

Using CMS modules such as news items, events, photo galleries - and how to add them to a content page.

Page last modified February 3, 2017