Widen Photo Database

Widen is the official online database of Grand Valley State University photography available for anyone with a faculty/staff login. Accounts for student employees are allowed as needed.

The photos in this database are specifically chosen and are approved for use by GVSU departments. 

A screen shot of the login page for the Widen Photo Database

Instructions for gaining access to Widen

Go to: https://gvsu.widencollective.com/login 
(Be sure to bookmark this site for easy reference!)

Click “Create Account” button and fill out all of the required information.

Once you have created your account,  the UComm photography team will approve your request and grant you the appropriate access to the site.  

The easiest way to begin exploring what is available in the system is to type something into the search box.  Try the word “student” or “fall” to get you started. 

Spotlight collections based on popular search items are available on the main page.

To see the most recently added images, select the ‘New Photos’ collection on the main page.

Questions? Please email [email protected] 

Additional training and resources for Widen can be found here: 

How to access the Widen photo database

Page last modified January 11, 2022