What to wear to a photo/video shoot

Here are some simple tips to help you look your best for your photo or video shoot! 


Solid Colors

A female wearing a blue blazer jacket

Especially jewel tones & pastel / pale colors

Well Fitted

A male wearing a hunter green button up shirt

Clothing should not wrinkle or gap around your neck, arms, etc.

Subtle patterns

Close up of a light blue dress shirt with a navy blue stripe tie

Best used as an accent, ex. patterned tie, etc.


Horizontal or very thin stripes

A close up of a button up shirt which depicts the Moire effect

This can cause a moire effect in the camera.

Baggy or flowy clothing

A close up of a woman wearing a flowy kimono style cardigan
  • Neon / flourescent colors, white, yellow, bright red, and orange
  • Turtlenecks, low cut, or sleeveless shirts
  • Scoop-neck shirts 
  • Words, logos, or loud patterns


Page last modified September 18, 2023