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All group photo requests must be made by filling out this form. Your request will be added to our calendar and assigned to an available photographer. A UComm Photo staff member will be in contact with you as soon as your photo request has been assigned. 

Photo requests must be made 2 weeks prior to the event date. If your photo need takes place within 2 weeks of the request date, it is considered urgent and you must call University Communications ((616) 331-2221) to speak to a photographer and confirm availability.

Questions? Email 

Things to consider when planning a group photo

  • Group photos are billed at a minimum of $100. Typical group photos take less than one hour to complete, requests requiring more than an hour will incur additional fees. 

  • If the group is large, you will need to provide a ladder for the photographer.

  • Keep in mind the size of the group when deciding where the photo will be taken. Be sure there will be adequate room for those in the photo as well as for the photographer. 

  • For outdoor group photos, have a nearby backup location in case of bad weather.

A Group photo taken of BSN students at the CHS building in Grand Rapids. There is a group of around 40 students, wearing white jackets arranged on a staircase and facing the camera.
A group of nearly 400 new honors college students gathered in the atrium level of the library. All the students are wearing navy blue t-shirts and facing the camera.
A group of six women are arranged on a staircase and facing the camera in this group photo.

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