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What is an Integrative Studies Degree?

The Integrative Studies Program at Grand Valley State University supports students to create customized paths of study, giving you the knowledge and skills needed to find innovative solutions to real-world, complex problems and become a leader in your profession, community, and the world. Our nationally award-winning faculty and programs put students first; supporting your learning to maintain high academic standards, rigor, and integrity;
offering flexible degree pathways and course schedules to fit your life; providing appreciative advising to help you set and achieve ambitious goals; administering multiple degree, certificate, and badging options to maximize your educational investment; integrating experiential learning opportunities that connect classroom knowledge to real-world challenges throughout our curriculum; emphasizing critical thinking, social responsibility, intercultural understanding, and the value of diverse perspectives.?

A bachelor's degree in Integrative Studies at Grand Valley allows you to enter directly into a career by developing the advanced critical thinking skills, interdisciplinary approaches, social responsibility, and intercultural awareness employers value.  Be at the helm of your education, and find coursework that is relevant, personal and purposeful to where you want your future to take you.  

This flexible and convenient Traverse City program is perfect for those that want to positively impact their communities by acquiring a broad range of meaningful skills.

The degree includes core courses on key topics and a selection of electives that  apply to one of the following concentration areas:

  • Arts and Humanities (Literature)
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Culture Competence
  • Child Development 
  • Environmental Leadership
  • Law and Society/Criminal Deviance (Pre-Law)
  • Health and Human Development (Pre-med, Pre-PA, Pre-OT etc)
  • Applied Data Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Behavioral Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Gender Studies, Religious Studies)
  • Other concentrations available-see GVSU advisor

Do you have previous college credits? Don't worry, GVSU will combine coursework transferred from community colleges and four year institutions to help complete the degree requirements.


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What Can You Do With an Integrative Studies Degree?

An Integrative studies degree doesn't prepare you for one specific career. The skills you learn are beneficial in multiple professions. Solid writing and communication skills are crucial to any position and the critical-thinking skills you learn can be applied to most fields that requires analytical thought. 

You could work in a variety of career fields including:

  • Marketing and public relations
  • Human Resources
  • Public Administration
  • Government Sector
  • Education
  • Culture and the Arts
  • Social Services
  • Corporate Leadership
  • Healthcare
  • Sustainability
  • Fundraising and Philanthropy
  • Radio/TV
  • Publishing
  • Computer hardware/software
  • Design

Integrative Studies (formerly Liberal Studies)

An innovative degree that aligns with your career goals, right here in Traverse City. 

Why Study Integrative Studies in Traverse City?

  • Flexible format. Classes are offered online and face-to-face at the NMC University Center in Traverse City.
  • Customized degree. With its many concentrations, liberal studies allows you to customize a study program that is both personally interesting and professionally relevant.
  • Personalized support. From start to finish, GVSU advisors are standing by to help you with whatever questions you may have.
  • Affordable. Low tuition rates, access to financial aid, and scholarship support make GVSU an affordable option to complete your degree.

Nathan Burns, '17

Watch Integrative Studies (formerly Liberal Studies) major Nathan Burns talk about his experience at the Traverse City Regional Center.

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