Student Researchers

Current Student Researcher

Senetta Bancroft
Molly Edwards
Caroline Schairer

Senetta Bancroft

Post Doc

Molly Edwards

BS Biology

Caroline Schairer

BS Integrated Science

Past Student Researchers - Where are they now?

Dillon Lee

Tanya Gupta

Kimberly Denys, BS Integrated Science, Dec. 2014

Dillon Lee, BS Biology

Joe Grit
Samantha Haugen

Catherine Duke, BS CHM, May 2015

University of Vermont Chemistry Ph.D. Program

Joe Grit, BS CHM, May 2013

High School Chemistry Teacher at Zeeland High School

Samantha Haugen, BS Integrated Science 2013

Preschool Teacher at Southern Kern Unified School District

Sherri Newenhouse
Christina Billman
Karen Luxford

Sherri Newenhouse, BS Integrated Science 2012

Teacher at Hudsonville Public Schools

Christina (Billman) Westveer, B.S. CHM, Dec 2010

Chemistry Teacher at Grand River Preparatory School

Karen (Luxford) Hahnenberg, B.S. BIO, May 2010

new school trying to find out

Kristina Emery Underwood
Divya Gunda
Laura Kennedy

Kristina (Emery) Underwood, B.S. CHM, May 2010

Science Teacher at Briarcrest Christian High School

Divya Gunda, M.S., May 2010

Laura Kennedy, M. Ed., April 2008

Michigan State Education Ph.D. Program

Cynthia Luxford
Brittland Winters DeKorver
Ryan Wissner

Cynthia Luxford, B.S. CHM, April 2008

Ph.D., Miami University, 2013

Assistant Professor Chemistry Education Texas State University

Brittland (Winters) DeKorver, B.S. CHM, April 2007

Purdue University Chemistry Education Ph.D. Program

Ryan Wissner, B.S. BMS, May 2010

Michigan State M.D. Program 2014 Graduate

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