From Talking Together to Working Together: Strengthening our Communities through Putting Talk into Action

From Talking Together to Working Together: Strengthening our Communities through Putting Talk into Action

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Thursday, April 20, 2023 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


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How can we effectively and efficiently put “talk into action” in order to create positive social change in and across communities? In what ways can people move from talking about shared concerns to taking concrete action steps toward shared visions? And how can organizations ensure that these actions steps and vision emerge from community-driven values, principles, and priorities?

This virtual panel-led conversation highlights the visionary bridge-building work of local community organizations. Panelists will share some of the joys and challenges involved in their community-based advocacy work and offer examples of how they are successfully working to collaborate across difference. The Q & A portion of the session will offer participants an opportunity to engage in this important conversation.

Please join us for this final Talking Together event and be a part of this year’s National Week of Conversation (April 17-23), a week annually dedicated to bridging divides across the country through conversation. It is a week inspired by the transformative power of conversation and the bridge-building that can emerge when people actively listen to one another, remain curious about each other, and honor multiple perspectives.

This session is free and open to the public both locally and nationally. Registration is required.


Meg Derrer, Executive Director of the Refugee Education Center, representing Freedom Flight

Kendra Avila, Housing Manager, AYA Youth Collective

Ned Andree, Community Collaboration on Climate Change (C4)

Rev. Lynette Sparks, Senior Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Representing Together West Michigan

Moderator: Aaron Turner, WGVU Public Media

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