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The Michigan Departments of Education (MDE), Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), and Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO), and the MiSTEM Network [hereafter referred to as “the State Agencies”] have collaboratively developed From Students to Stewards (FS2S), a funding program that in 2020 will issue up to five awards (of up to $10,000 each) to local education agencies (LEAs), intermediate school districts (ISDs), public school academies (PSAs), or partnerships/consortia that propose to integrate place-based education and water literacy principles into their school curricula and school improvement plans.  

From Students to Stewards has three primary goals:

  1. to close the water literacy gap and grow the next generation of water stewards, leaders, and decision-makers needed to solve complex water issues in a changing world;
  2. to investigate freshwater-focused, place-based education as an effective way to address whole-child needs and enhance school performance, and to examine the process of connecting this type of teaching and learning to school‑improvement plans; and
  3. to prepare Michigan's students for high quality; water-focused STEM careers.

This grant program is intended for LEAs, ISDs, PSAs, or partnerships/consortia that have already begun to successfully integrate place-based, freshwater-focused programming into their curricula. The State Agencies will collaborate with successful applicants to a) understand how these early implementers came to adopt place-based, water-focused programming; b) learn how this programming has measurably impacted students, teachers, schools, and communities; c) learn how this programming can be effectively and meaningfully included in school improvement plans; and d) develop materials to help other entities emulate these grantees’ successes.

Request for Proposal includes:

  1. Overview
  2. Background
  3. Deliverables
  4. Requirements & Terms of the Grant Program
  5. Additional Information for Applicants
  6. Contents of Your Application Package
  7. Attachments
  8. Evaluation Criteria
  9. Program Contact


Request for Proposal Document 

Request for Proposal


Budget Template for Grant Proposals

***Please note that indirect cost are not available for this grant.***

Budget Template for Grant Proposals

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How to Submit Application

The application deadline was on March 9th, 2020. Please contact Natalie Lowell, MiSTEM Project Director, at if you have any questions.